The Project

The project has 3 phases:

  1. Specification and development of the Research Game
  2. Competition in which teams of schools across Europe will carry out ecological research and report their process and findings on the project community platform.
  3. Preparation of documents that will permit replication of the game and an understanding of the outcomes


Europe needs to adapt to a rapidly changing business and learning environment and it is critical that students understand how science and technology are the basis for the fundamental advances in education and the workplace and how they will affect their future careers.

Meeting the needs

The Research Game, will motivate secondary school students by replicating the excitement of scientific research and exposing them to the process of a scientific methodology. The Project will create an Internet-based educational game to develop an understanding of research work and to teach best practices. The game requires students to collaborate internationally across Europe, to build hypotheses, research and test the validity of their hypothesis and finalise a theory based on their findings. Students will be expected to share their research findings with other groups.


The outcomes of the project will include the opportunity to see how innovative practices can be replicated across disciplines. For students the outcomes will include an immersion in research as leading actors, collaborating as in a real scientific group and collaborating with students of other countries.

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